The Ultimate Guide To The Vertical Climber

The Ultimate Guide To The Vertical Climber

We all know just how important it is to exercise and we try our best to reach the recommended 30 minutes a day that health professionals tell us to, but the reality is sometimes it’s just too hard. There are so many things stopping us whether it’s finding the time, not having money for gym memberships, or having kids at home that we can’t leave alone to work out.

Enter the miracle of workout machines for home, bringing the best parts of the health club or public gym to your living room and leaving the worst out of it. One of the most successful gym machines of the time is the vertical climber, and it owes its success to a few different things.

Three different perspectives of a woman working out on a vertical climber.

The vertical climber helps you reenact the motion of climbing, but rather than scaling a wall somewhere or heading to your local rock climbing center, you can do it all at home. This unique workout gives you an all body strength building session as well as gets your heart rate pumping which means you’re getting two workouts for the price of one.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a gym machine for home and are wondering what makes the vertical climber so special, all of your questions are about to be answered. The unique style and method of this machine will deliver fast results, is fun and easy to use, and can be enjoyed by everyone from first time exercisers to serious athletes, and all those in between.

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

It’s no secret that as a country we struggle with excess weight, and our rates of obesity are higher than ever. According to recent reports, some states are experiencing more obesity than ever with others leveling out since 2015, and signalling a huge problem for our personal health.

People struggle so much with losing weight because of the balance of both eating right and exercising, with both of them going together in order to get successful and permanent weight loss.

There are so may temptations out there when it comes to food and drink that many find themselves powerless and simply believe they’re doomed to live their lives overweight and unhappy.

Another problem that makes it hard to lose weight is our motivation to be active. Learning these habits is something that takes time, but anyone who’s exercised before will attest to the fact that after just a week or so you actually begin to crave working out and look forward to your next heart-pumping session.

This motivation can be hard to find because of the avenues we usually try to follow in order to work out.

Standing on a scale.

There are some who like to go for a walk or run around their neighborhood, which can be hard to do in poor weather or if you want to work out at unusual hours. Some use professional gyms which are intimidating for beginners and also a huge expense when you consider the costs over the month or year.

The Importance Of Exercise

People often think that just eating right will be their ticket to weight loss, and although it’s a helpful part you won’t get anywhere without exercise. Not only is exercise essential for losing weight but it also improves mental health, helps you get a good sleep at night, boosts your mood, and gives you a much-needed hit of self-confidence.

For many, starting an exercise routine is the one thing they need to get their diet in check and once they’re found a workout they truly love doing the rest just falls into place. Once you see how much fun you can have exercising and learn about the calories coming in and out of your body, you’ll really want to focus on nutrition next.

Exercise should be about a number of things and not just losing weight. You should be working out to make yourself stronger, improve muscle tone, and feel more able to do everyday things. All of these things are possible when you’re working with the right gym machine, and for many people the first time they use a vertical climber it’s clear this is what they’ve been searching for.

What Makes The Vertical Climber Different?

There are now so many exercise machines out there in the fitness market that it can be hard to find the good from the bad. What makes an exercise machine one of the good ones comes down to a number of factors including how easy it is to use, how proficiently it works out your muscles, the cardio workout it delivers, and how much fun you have using it.

Vertical climber in an empty room.

The vertical climber safely ticks all of these boxes and more which is why it’s now a leading choice for gym machines both in professional settings and at home. People often look for something unique and fun when they’re working out to prevent them from getting bored, and a vertical climber is certainly an exciting approach to exercising.

The Benefits Of Vertical Climbers

So, how exactly does the vertical climber stand out from the rest? The best way to see exactly what it offers is to look at its features, and we can then compare them to other popular machines to find out how they compare. If you’re planning on investing a vertical climber for your home gym, these are just a few ways you’ll benefit.

  • Compact and Space Saving - Vertical climbers have the unique ability to be taller rather than wider so they don’t require much space at all. In addition to this, they can be folded down to an even more compact size so you can slide it under your bed or in your wardrobe and take it out only when it’s time to work out. 
  • Low Impact Workout - Compared to activities like running or aerobics, using a vertical climber provides a low impact workout. These types of exercises are ideal for people with back pain, injuries, knee problems, and those who are overweight or just newly getting back into exercise. You won’t feel stressed or strained as you use it but it will deliver a good workout.
  • Total Body Workout - It uses the exact same muscles that you work out while rock climbing - an all body workout. Your core remains engaged, you use your arms to pull up, and your legs must push you up at the same. That builds strength everywhere and gets more muscles engaged at once for a faster and more efficient workout.
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    Calorie Burn - The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you ingest, and one easy way to burn them off quickly is with exercise. The calories burned during a 30-minute vertical climbing session differs for men and women and depends on weight, but on average you can expect to burn around 400 calories in half an hour. Using the calorie tracker on your machine will give a more accurate reading so be sure to put it to good use.
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    Efficient Cardio - We know that a mix of cardio and strength training is essential for losing weight, and the vertical climber can do both. This machine can get your heart rate pumping faster than other machines like the treadmill or bike, and burn about double the calories, too.
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    Silent - People like to work out at home because of the convenience of it when compared to gyms, and having a quiet machine to use is a huge convenience. This means you won’t wake up sleeping family members, can enjoy your favorite TV show while you work out, or even listen to some motivational music.

What Muscles Does The Vertical Climber Target?

We often don’t have a lot of time to work out and so finding a machine like the vertical climber that targets more than one group of muscles is ideal. These machines are made to emulate the rock climbing experience and so they offer a total body workout when you’re using them.

Maxi Climber - The original patented Vertical Climber

The key areas you’ll notice are legs, thighs, buttocks, arms, and core, but if you pay careful attention you’ll feel the whole body is engaged. As an added bonus, it gets your heart rate up due to the aerobic workout it provides so you’re getting an intense cardio workout the entire time you’re strengthening your muscles.

Do These Machines Have A Weight Limit?

When you’re overweight and looking for a way to exercise that will be low impact but effective, you can be easily put off by how restrictive some machines can be in terms of their weight load capacity. This number refers to how many pounds the manufacturer deems to be safe for a user to weigh, and it should be taken seriously in order to practice safe use.

Although all machines are different, the standard amount that vertical climbers allow is 250lbs. This should be suitable for many users but still not ideal for those with weight to lose. Therefore, investing in one of the sturdier brands that allow for up to 440lbs in their weight capacity is recommended. 

These usually cost extra but will comfortably fit people of all body shapes and sizes, and offer a low impact workout that can have a dramatic effect.

How Tall Is A Vertical Climber And Will I Have Space?

The height of a vertical climber depends on two things: the machine itself and the person using it. There are adjustments that you can make on these machines that normally allow for people of any height to use them comfortably but it also depends on the ceiling space you have. For the average ceiling, there may be issues with a tall person using their machine.

Using the vertical climber means you’re pushing up in your action and it can lift you a foot or two higher than you are. An average sized person with one of these machines will fit more than comfortably at home, but there may be exceptions.

Before investing in one ensure that the height requirements match your home and consider purchasing one for taller people if this sounds like you.

Vertical Climbers Vs Elliptical Vs Treadmill

There’s no denying that the elliptical and treadmill have enjoyed a long history of being some of America’s favorite gym machines, but they can’t compare with the benefits of the vertical climber. The main area where the treadmill falls flat is its enjoyment, as people find they tire easily of the same walking or running motion done day after day.

Treadmill and elliptical machine.

The elliptical is known for burning a lot of calories and also for being enjoyable to use, but it mainly focuses on the lower half of your body. Your arms and core aren’t getting the same workout as they would with a vertical climber, so it has both of these machines beat in more ways that one.

Another added bonus is that you can purchase a vertical climber for a good price, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune like treadmills and ellipticals. Even though they are newer on the market, you can get a quality machine from $100 an upwards so they’re a lot easier to invest in.

Vertical Climber Vs Wall Or Rock Climbing

The sole purpose of the vertical climber is the emulate the rock climbing experience, as this is a sport that has millions of followers and plenty of benefits. By climbing up a nonexistent rock as you use this machine, you’re targeting all of the muscles that scaling a wall does but with some added benefits.

There’s no need to leave your house to use a vertical climber, whether you go to an indoor rock climbing center or scale a real rock or mountain somewhere. You also don’t have to pay anything to use your machine once you’ve bought it, and if you’re looking for a change of scenery you can move the machine outside your house or watch TV while you work out.

Many people shy away from rock climbing because of the dangers involved and their fear of heights. Although there’s no denying it’s a fabulous workout and a great way to stay fit and try something adventurous, people’s natural caution around heights and weariness about scaling tall rocks and walls means the vertical climber is a much safer option.

Owning A Vertical Climber Vs Gym Memberships

When you hear just how much Americans spend on gym memberships, you might lose your mind, but according to reports we spent around $19 billion on them in 2017 alone.

These weekly fees come out without us even realizing most of the time and continue to come out even when we’re not attending. Over time, this adds up to a significant amount of wasted money.

Although the initial shock of investing in a piece of workout gear like the vertical climber can seem like a lot of money it’s relatively low compared to a gym membership. Not only that, once we’ve purchased the machine it’s then ours to own which means if we ever want to upgrade we can always sell it and make some money back.

Inside of a gym.

Another huge bonus that the vertical climber has over a gym membership is the privacy to workout at home and the flexibility of doing things on your schedule.

If you have to fit in a late workout, can’t leave the kids home alone, don’t want to drive 20 minutes for a workout, or are too cold to leave the house, you don’t have to worry about any of this with your own gym machine at home.

How Many Calories Are Burned On These Machines?

One easy way to see just how effective a machine can be is to look at the calories burned. When considering an average person working out at normal speeds on a vertical climber, they can burn around 850 calories per hour of exercise.

If this is your goal each day, you’ll likely find that the weight drops off quite easily unless you manage to eat a lot more food to compensate. For the effort it takes to use the machine the number of calories burned is quite substantial, and that’s one of the biggest reasons for its success, as you only need to spend half an hour a day to start seeing a difference.

There are ways that you can improve your calorie burning efficiency even more, with the best being interval training. This means you work at maximum capacity for a short time, like one minute, and then go at an average pace for the next two.

Keeping the heart rate guessing allows you to burn fat quicker and lose more calories in the same amount of time as a normal workout.

Care And Maintenance For Your Climber

A well-maintained workout machine is one that will deliver results, and just like any other machine that you use every day, you should be expected to perform some maintenance now and then. Here are some simple tips to follow that ensure you’re caring for your vertical climber so that it lasts your home gym for years to come.

Take care to wipe down the machine after you use it, and especially if there’s a lot of sweat and water on it. This will prevent any damage to the bolts or rust that can occur from liquids being left on the steel.

Wipe down the hand bars and other areas that are susceptible to germs as this will prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

When setting up your vertical climber take extra care to follow the instructions, and return any device that seems faulty or is missing parts. These machines can be heavy and dangerous if not assembled correctly and it’s impossible to tell when they might malfunction.

If you have multiple gym machines at home then you should try to alternate the days that you use them, and this will help to prevent the wear. Some might like to do just cardio one day and then climb the next, so if this is possible then you should.

Keep the moving parts and joinery lubricated with a specialized product that ensures it stays quiet, moves smoothly, and doesn’t rust.

A Revolutionary Way To Work Out

Exercise machines used to be reserved for professional gyms or the seriously wealthy, but over recent years we’re seeing them become more accessible and affordable for everyday people.  There’s no need to have your own workout room at home or even hundreds of dollars, as there are plenty of great vertical climbers out there to suit any budget.

Man working out on a vertical climber.

Vertical climbers have quickly become one of the biggest selling machines of our time, and it’s because of so many factors. Not only does it burn more calories and engage more muscles than standard cardio machines, but it’s also fun to use and you’ll never tire of doing the same challenging workout every day.

When you’re ready to change the way you exercise or need to give yourself a boost of motivation to begin a weight loss journey, investing in a vertical climber is the smartest way to go.

All you need to do is find the right machine to match your price range, physical needs, and the space in your house, and you’ll be well on your weight to dropping pounds and improving your lifestyle.

We’ve compiled a thorough buyer’s guide that can point you in the right direction of top rated vertical climbers and how they differ from the rest. Whether you’re looking for something portable or just want the best value for money, our findings will deliver one that ticks all of your boxes and more.